Soft white light danced across her face in the late night. The distant glow of the lanterns flickered in her eyes as she approached the dock on the edge of the glass like lake. The tremor of her walking on the dock interrupted the glass surface of the lake. The small ripples increased as she quickened her pace until she was in a near sprint. The sound of her heels falling off her feet were drowned out by the sound of her feet against the solid wood. Tears shimmered in the moonlight as she ran.

At the end of the dock was a pontoon platform. Standing next to each other were two men deep in conversation about families and the beauty of the scene. The woman wiped the tears away as she stepped onto the platform. She was amazed at how at ease these two men were. They talked as if they had known each other their entire lives and were brothers. A voice in her head reminded her that they practically were brothers but not in the sense she was thinking.

“Are you going to keep crying or join us?” the older one laughed as they finally turned to look at her. The tears started in her eyes again. “Oh you know I didn’t mean that,” he cooed and moved across the platform to her. With each step the platform seemed to drift further from the dock and into the middle of the lake. He pulled her away from the edge and wiped the tears from around her eyes. “Stop crying little sister, it does not suit you.”

“I always cried back then,” she retorted with an empty chuckle. She leaned into his fingers and put her own on his. “So warm.”

“I might be dead but that doesn’t mean I can’t be warm,” he countered with a grin. “Precious little Sina. You grew up well.”

“Landin.” She wrapped her arms around him. He brought her closer and stroked her short hair as she buried her tear stained face into his neck. She clung to him with all her might as he rubbed her back comforting her. Sina pulled back after a few minutes and put a hand to his cheek. She ran her fingers across the stumble on his face. “It is good to see you again brother. So long, so very long,” she murmured. “How is this possible?”

“Let’s just say I’ve always been around and I have a few connections upstairs,” he chuckled in response. “I’ve been chatting with your husband.” Sina glanced to her left as her husband Hartley moved to her side. “I approve.”

“So this is your brother,” Hartley chuckled as he cupped the back of his wife’s head. “A good man, I can see why you want to name our child after him.” Sina blushed a bit as her brother let go of her so she could go to Hartley. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed the side of her head. Hartley turned his head to look at Landin. “I am glad I have your blessing Landin.”

“I have seen how you treat my sister, I trust you with her. Take good care of my nephew, he’s going to be just like his mother,” Landin informed them.

“I can barely handle her,” Hartley laughed causing Sina so push him roughly. He kissed her head and chuckled softer. “I was kidding dear.”

“I know.” She looked up to her brother. “Will you be there to watch over him, Landin?”

“No, I am sorry that is not my mission. I’ll be there just now how you expect it.” He looked to the clock as it struck midnight. “Well it is time for all of us to go.” He touched his sister’s stomach which grew quickly. He smiled up at her. “I’m waiting to be reborn after all.”

“Landin?” Sina questioned.

“See you in a few hours sister. I love you.” He kissed her forehead gently. His body glowed like a million fireflies before disintegrating into dust. The cloud of dust moved toward her and sunk into her stomach. She gasped and gripped her stomach on instinct.

“Sina,” she heard Hartley whisper before it all went dark. 

The pain hit Sina first as her eyes snapped open. She cried out loud enough that Hartley woke up next to her. He was at her side instantly.

“Baby, what is it?” he asked her gently.

“Baby coming. Baby coming,” she stammered out gripping the bed sheet in both hands. “Hospital now!” He didn’t even think as he helped her to her feet and grabbed the to-go bag. He took her out to their truck and lifted her inside as she cried out again. They were quite the sight when they showed up to the hospital a half hour later in their pajamas with no shoes on.

“She’s having it now,” the doctor said as they moved the gurney Sina was on toward the delivery room. “Just in time. Gown him.”

When Hartley rushed into the delivery room a minute later he didn’t hesitate to grab Sina’s hand as she cried out again. The doctor coached her through the pain and soon a high squeal could be heard. Hartley looked over at the nurse as she offered him the baby. He took the baby gently and brought him to Sina. She looked up at him exhausted as he laid the child on her chest. Her eyes went to her son slowly. Tears prickled her eyes as she stared at those beautiful eyes.

“Landin,” she whispered. “Oh my baby.” Hartley smiled and kissed his wife’s forehead. He looked at his son and did see the resemblance to Sina’s dead brother. He chuckled for a moment before remembering Landin’s warning. They were in for a long childhood by the sounds of it. He turned his face back to his wife and kissed her again.

“We did it baby,” he murmured into her hair as he smiled to her. “We did it.” 

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